Yosemite CCD’s new Central Services Building achieves Net Zero Energy

Photographer: Paul Mullins

CollegeBuys, a program of the Foundation for California Community Colleges, highlights and celebrates the achievements of Community Colleges across the state. With climate change and the sustainability needs of the California Community Colleges continuing to be a top priority for our system, the CollegeBuys team is proud to recognize Yosemite CCD for achieving a Zero Net Energy Central Services Building by the Division of the State Architect (DSA). The DSA aims to create awareness of strategies Community College Districts can implement to achieve zero net energy, zero carbon, and overall healthy, sustainable schools. 

Yosemite CCD’s new central services building features a Zero Net Energy design, demonstrating sustainability and energy efficiency. The beautiful one-story building consists of administration and office space and a meeting place for the District’s Board of Trustees. The building design specifies systems that minimize the building’s energy consumption profiles such as daylighting, natural ventilation, thermal mass elements, and water-efficient plumbing fixtures, as well as utilizes reclaimed materials brought from other areas in the District, saving money and redirecting materials from landfills. Yosemite CCD also mounted solar arrays on parking shade structures adjacent to the new building, which generates enough energy to more than offset the building’s energy needs, and the excess energy is channeled to another building on campus. With just these solar arrays, the district was able to see considerable energy savings. Congratulations, Yosemite CCD; we salute you. 

CollegeBuys is proud to support facilities modernization and sustainability efforts with available contracts for California Community Colleges such as HVAC systems and controls as well as energy related services (Trane); LED Lighting (GonLED, Staples Energy, Belcastro, Parker Lighting); sustainable landscape and water filling stations (KYA). To browse all of our available contracts, visit our vendor page.

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