Academic, Instructional, and Online Education Technology

CollegeBuys has worked diligently with vendors to provide campuses with innovative online education solutions to maximize student success outcomes.

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Campus Facilities and Operations

CollegeBuys has extensive experience working directly with colleges to develop facilities and operations contracts for high-quality furniture, flooring, fixtures, MRO, janitorial supplies, and office products.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services provide opportunities to address the unique needs of colleges and districts to help organize and create effective infrastructure strategies.

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Financial Services

CollegeBuys' Financial Services contracts provide campuses with innovative payment technology and financial management tools.

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Technology Infrastructure

CollegeBuys works with a wide range of industry leading technology infrastructure, service, software, and equipment vendors.

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Anser Advisory


1/18/2023 - 1/17/2027

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Aris Hovasapian
Sr. Director/Vice President Energy & Education
Mobile Phone   818.913.9103