We build SaaS Solution Modules on a low-code development platform for Higher Education and small/medium-sized businesses. Our Solution Modules are built with this guiding principle: every customer is going to customize their Solution Module to precisely fit the unique way they do business.

Term 10/1/2020 - 9/30/2022
Agreement Number #0000-3938

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Brian Bennett
Head of Sales and Marketing
M: 925.683.6686
E: bbennett@optimumhq.com

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Technology for a Safe Return to Campus

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Safe Return

Safe Return is a cloud-based, Return-to-School solution for colleges and universities. Daily health forms, digital badges, vaccination tracking, contact tracing, location tracking, reservations, and capacity management.

About OptimumHQ

80% of typical packaged software features are rarely or never used. This means 20% of the features are what most companies really need. We focus intensely on this 20% and then customize for your unique business.

We know that one-size software does not fit all. And we know that your requirements are going to change over time. Our 80/20 approach allows us to provide ready-to-use Solution Modules that will become unique for every customer so that you get “everything you need, and nothing you don’t need”

We build our Solution Modules on our own low-code development platform so that we can customize your solution faster/better/cheaper than traditional methods.

Custom software out of the box. Software that fits.

OptimumHQ Success Stories

Optimum is exactly what we need and nothing more.

- Joe MoreauVice Chancellor of Technology, Foothill De-Anza Community College