Unlocking California’s EV Future: $30 Million in Rebates for Charging Infrastructure from Communities in Charge

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain traction as eco-friendly transportation options, California faces a significant hurdle in expanding their adoption due to inadequate EV charging infrastructure. To tackle this challenge, Communities in Charge is offering $30 million in rebates for EV charging projects through the California Energy Commission’s new Level 2 Block Grant program. This incentive program aims to enhance the availability of EV charging for key community-serving organizations, including healthcare facilities, tribal facilities, local governments, workplaces, and schools, among others. 

A crucial factor in securing these incentive funds is having a “Ready to Go” site ensuring a streamlined application process. PowerFlex, a national provider of onsite energy solutions promoting carbon-free electrification and transportation, has a track record of securing $15 million in California Energy Commission incentives. Their scalable offerings include onsite solar, battery storage, electric vehicle charging, microgrids, and energy management systems. As a single full-service provider, PowerFlex tailors solutions to help clients achieve their energy and sustainability goals. Utilizing the advanced PowerFlex X platform, the company has leveraged patented smart software to control, monitor, and optimize a client’s distributed energy resources, reducing costs and maximizing ROI.

Discover how PowerFlex can support your EV projects and assist you in obtaining incentive funding by contacting communitiesincharge@powerflex.com. With PowerFlex’s extensive industry expertise, you can gather the right information, develop well-designed solutions, and coordinate all required permitting to your site’s readiness for installation upon application. Moreover, PowerFlex’s charging stations and mobile app offer a seamless and dependable charging experience for community members at a fraction of the usual cost. If you are interested in learning more about leveraging the FoundationCCC’s agreement with PowerFlex, please contact cbcontracts@foundationccc.org.

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