Cisco Reseller

Cisco Gold Partners, provide education-based technology and services in planning, design, assessments, installation, deployment, troubleshooting, monitoring, and support.

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Cloud Software and Services

Contracts for cloud computing software and services, so students and colleges can access their work from anywhere.

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Contracts Management

CollegeBuys has agreements for cloud-based platforms for contract management and eProcurement.

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Copiers with expertise in capturing, managing, and transforming information, and can customize a single source solution combining multifunctional products, digital printers/copiers, networking software, scanning equipment, desktop printers, and more.

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Digital Credential Service

Contracts that offer comprehensive credentialing systems, helping learners and institutions verify and share credentials in simple and secure ways.

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ERP Data Security and Compliance Platform

Contracts that give users of traditional ERP services complete control over their data security.

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Hardware and Services

Contracts offering hardware and software products to integrated IT solutions and services.

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Hardware and Software

CollegeBuys contracts offering hardware and software products.

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Identity Management Solution

Identity management includes single sign-on (SSO), self-service password reset (SSPR), two-factor authentication (2FA), and other tools to equip campuses with the tools they need to face authentication challenges.

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Online Marketplace

The online marketplace allows students and faculty to find and purchase supplies online easily and efficiently.

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Technology Reseller

Technology resellers partner with the leading vendors and manufacturers to provide the latest in IT and AV technologies.

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Technology Support Services

Technology support services include identity and access management, learning analytics, integrations, portals, content development, and cloud services.

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Travel and Expense Management

Cloud based software to complete and approve expense reports.

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Dell Technologies


3/16/2021 - 5/31/2025

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Susie Lines McKinney
Account Executive
Mobile Phone   424.350.6906