CollegeBuys athletics contracts provide products such as athletic medical supplies, gym equipment, athletic flooring and sports courts.

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Facilities Management

CollegeBuys' facilities management contracts provide an array of products and services, including uniform and career apparel, GIS mapping software, and data-based platform software.

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Fine Arts

CollegeBuys fine arts contracts provide quality, professional art supplies, materials, and instruments to meet your program needs.

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CollegeBuys' flooring contracts offer an array of items, including carpeting, hard surface flooring, and sports flooring for athletic environments.

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Furniture and Fixtures

CollegeBuys furniture contracts cover multiple applications, including storage systems, demountable walls, as well as classroom and office settings.

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Janitorial-Sanitation Supplies

CollegeBuys' janitorial supplies contracts enable campuses to procure comprehensive janitorial, maintenance, and sanitation solutions from leading vendors at best-value pricing.

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Lighting and Energy

The Foundation’s LED Luminaries contracts were secured to meet the specific product and service needs of California’s 116 community colleges.

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CollegeBuys MRO contracts provide local MRO products, services, and inventory management solutions tailored to your needs.

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Office Products

CollegeBuys' Office Depot contract provides deep discounts on a core list of the most frequently purchased items, a customized campus core option, and deep discounts on non-core items.

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Online Marketplace

The online marketplace allows students and faculty to find and purchase supplies online easily and efficiently.

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Scientific Equipment

CollegeBuys contracts provide campuses with medical and scientific products and services in scientific research, safety, healthcare, and education.

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CollegeBuys transportation contracts offer rental car options, campus parking solutions, and low-cost EV charger deployment.

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Utility Bill Auditing Services

Utility bill auditing services reduce utility costs through the analysis of data, rates, and regulations that govern utility providers.

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Anser Advisory


1/18/2023 - 1/17/2027

Agreement Number


Contact Information

Aris Hovasapian
Sr. Director/Vice President Energy & Education
Mobile Phone   818.913.9103