CollegeBuys Contracts provide web develpoment and accessibility focused softwares for students with disabilities and English Language Learners.

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Administrative Software Solutions

Contracts that bring accuracy, compliance, speed, and security to school administrative processes that help students support their education.

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Distance Education

CollegeBuys contracts provide distance learning tools and software to empower teachers and students tackling online learning.

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Name Pronunciation and Virtual Commencement

NameCoach make audio name pronunciations, gender pronouns, and other core identity information easily accessible throughout campus systems.

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Online Advising and Counseling

Provides students with online access to academic support systems including advisors, counselors, tutors, and professor.

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Online Proctoring Services

CollegeBuys contracts providing online proctoring services to deter cheating, check text originality, prevent plagiarism, and/or allow students to complete exams without coming to campus.

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Online Student Engagement Platform

CollegeBuys contracts provide a news feed community for students and instructors to collaborate and communicate.

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Online Tutoring and Whiteboard Services

Provides e-Learning solutions that listen to organization and student needs with the goal of enhancing the student learning experience.

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Salesforce and Google Consultants

Allows organizations to extend teaching and learning online, facilitate campus commerce and security, and communicate more effectively with their communities.

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Student Success and Retention Solutions

CollegeBuys contracts provide tools for student success including workflow technologies that focus on success strategies, deliver proactive care, inspire holistic advising, and quickly measure what’s working.

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Technology Adoption Solution

CollegeBuys contracts such as Eesysoft provide data-driven tools and reporting which allow institutions to measure how their EdTech is being adopted in real-time by learners and staff, and create targeted messaging and reporting campaigns to help improve usage.

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Virtual Chatbots and Video Content

Collegebuys contracts provide chatbot technology that promote student self-service, reduce phone calls, improve customer service, increase student retention, and provide information students need to be successful.

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Alight (Appirio)


10/12/2018 - 9/30/2022

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Contact Information

Eva Martin
AR Manager
Mobile Phone   M +34 607. 050. 511