The 2023 CAPPO Conference – Networking and Learning Together

The new year ushered in some intense weather, but that didn’t stop the professional development and networking at the 2023 CAPPO Conference in Monterey held January 8-11.  The CAPPO Conference is a unique opportunity to share best practices, build a mission-focused future, and reconnect with public purchasing colleagues throughout California.

A Collaborative Partnership
The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FoundationCCC) formed a collaborative partnership with the California Association of Public Procurement Officials (CAPPO) to promote and support our institutions through networking, combined educational opportunities, and resources. Through CAPPO, procurement officials can utilize broad educational opportunities and resources specifically related to procurement to increase their depth of knowledge and skills. CAPPO members include the State of California, Counties, Cities, Special Districts (i.e., Transportation, Water, Sewer, etc.), K-12, and Higher Education Institutions.

Announcements, Attendees and Awards
It was announced during the Conference that Jennifer Alford, Director of Procurement, Contracts & Auxiliary Services at San Joaquin Delta College, was elected CAPPO’s Secretary & Treasurer. Alford currently serves on the CAPPO Board as Director North, which includes responsibilities for professional development for members and serves on the committee for collaboration between CAPPO and FoundationCCC. Additionally, she serves on the CollegeBuys Advisory Group and has previously served as the co-chair of the Northern California Community Colleges Purchasing Group (NCCCPG). Congratulations to Jennifer! She will be an excellent representative for the community colleges in such a prestigious group.

Jennifer Alford, Director of Procurement, Contracts & Auxiliary Services at San Joaquin Delta College

Santa Clarita CCD and Mt. San Antonio College were both recognized during the conference for receiving AEP awards. AEP awards recognize leadership and contributions to the public procurement profession made by public and nonprofit organizations with high application scores.

Read more information about Santa Clarita CCD’s AEP award recently featured in the Quarterly. Santa Clarita CCD receives AEP Award – CollegeBuys

Many California community college districts were in attendance, including Contra Costa Community College District, San Joaquin Delta Community College District, Mt. San Antonio College, Ohlone College, Cerritos Community College District, and Palo Verde Community College District. 

Left to right: Ben Cayabyab, Contra Costa CCD, Jorge Burwick, FoundationCCC, Jennifer Alford, San Joaquin Delta CCD, Angelic Davis, Mt. San Antonio College, Alex Lebedeff, Ohlone College, Mark Logan, Cerritos College, Jennifer Keiper, FoundationCCC

The 2024 CAPPO Conference will be held in Palm Springs, on January 21-24, 2024. Save the date and join us! Visit CAPPO’s website to stay up to date.

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