Systemwide Technology Access

Simplifying procurement of online teaching, learning and student support tools for the California Community Colleges.

Systemwide Technology Access Collaborative (STAC) and Systemwide Technology Access Resource Tools for Education (STARTE)

The STAC-STARTE program centralizes the ordering of online teaching, learning, and student support tools. The Systemwide Technology Access Collaborative (STAC) is a systemwide collaboration between the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the Foundation for California Community Colleges’ CollegeBuys program, and the California Virtual Campus initiative. The Systemwide Technology Access Resource Tools for Education (STARTE) is locally championed, in which a number of colleges have individually expressed interest for a certain vendor supporting online teaching and learning. Collectively, the program provides broader access to educational technology tools at an additional discounted price achieved through aggregate procurement during a specified buying window.

STAC-STARTE has supported 103 community colleges benefiting over 2.6M students and realized over $28M in cost savings for the California Community Colleges (FY21-24).

The goals of both programs are to achieve:

  1. Efficiency by centralizing procurement of essential online education tools
  2. Cost savings through the system’s combined spending potential to create economies of scale
  3. Institutional parity in pricing and service delivery regardless of purchasing volume or institutional size
  4. Accountability in vetting and approval of supplier partners by system partners
  5. Compliance with state law in acquiring products and services.


All California Community Colleges may participate in STAC-STARTE. Participation is non-mandatory.

If you have questions about eligibility and participation please contact CollegeBuys

Not sure if your college is already participating in STAC-STARTE?


Pricing on the programs’ Order Form is a not-to-exceed amount, meaning a participating college will not pay more than what is indicated on the Order Form. If an existing contract is already in place with one of our partners, we will assist in the negotiations of a prorated price and align service terms to cover the remaining months of the fiscal year.

To complete an order:

  1. Submit the completed the appropriate Order Form to
  2. CollegeBuys will provide a quote for review by your college or district. Quote will reflect not-to-exceed pricing.
  3. Acknowledge, approve, and submit a prepared purchase order back to
  4. Your district will receive an invoice after submission. Invoice will reflect final pricing and cost savings per service.
  5. Once the order is complete, suppliers will reach out to the purchaser for implementation of the order.