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PlanetBids is an eProcurement platform revolutionizing how diverse organizations, including government agencies, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions, manage their purchasing processes. With our comprehensive software, we empower organizations to streamline procurement, expand vendor reach, foster collaboration, and attain significant cost savings. From bid creation to vendor management, PlanetBids provides a seamless, end-to-end solution, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and compliance throughout the entire procurement journey.

Proctorio Presenting Sponsor

Proctorio’s live and fully automated remote proctoring service provides a scalable, cost-effective solution for protecting academic integrity of every assessment, every time, by validating test-taker identities, detecting plagiarism, and securing content during online exams. Proctorio integrates seamlessly with any Learning Management Systems (LMS) and third-party assessment platforms with its capability to be enabled on any digitally delivered exam. With a full suite of customizable recording, lockdown, and verification settings, administrators can conveniently set up unscheduled, on-demand exam-proctoring specific to their assessment needs. Institutions have the flexibility to set these standards at an individual or institutional exam level.


Pronto is the fastest growing communication tool within the CCCs system and can drastically improve the quality of communication among students and teachers. Pronto is a mobile first, real-time messaging and video platform that also integrates directly inside of Canvas and provides a familiar feeling to the way students and teachers communicate outside of the class. In addition, because of Pronto's instant language translation feature, students from various language backgrounds can participate in the classroom in a more equitable learning environment.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur drives a relentless pursuit of what’s possible into everyday travel, expense, and invoice processes – continuously developing new tools to automate and integrate them, so your people get more done and you get more control. With SAP Concur solutions, you’ll move beyond yesterday’s tedious tasks to keep your business running at its best every day.


Shaw Contract is a global design leader, manufacturing high performance cradle-to-cradle flooring products ideal for any learning environment. We believe design goes beyond aesthetics. Our education studio focuses on the needs of students, teachers and maintenance experts, designing flooring solutions for maximum comfort, ease of maintenance, durability and performance. Shaw Contract’s EcoWorx carpet tiles are completely recyclable and PVC-free, making product reclamation and recycling easy and allowing customers to reduce their environmental impact.


Think of SHI as your personal technology concierge, helping you solve what’s next with the scale of a global solutions provider, combined with the resources, expertise, and customer service of a local VAR. Whether you’re building a modern hybrid workplace, defending against new threats, making the cloud work for you, or optimizing your software portfolio, our friendly teams blend seamless selection, delivery, and financing to simplify hard decisions for business leaders and IT procurement. The result: effective, innovative, and scalable solutions our customers love. SHI is proud to be the largest Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the United States.


Steelcase is a global design and thought leader in the world of work and learning. Along with our expansive community of brands, we design and manufacture innovative furnishings and solutions to help people do their best work in the many places where work and learning happens.


Teknion is a Furniture co-creator with our clients. Every project is a collaboration. We actually manufacture what we sell, and own our suppliers. This fact allows us to modify, adjust and maintain our products on our terms. We adapt our furniture to the space. This adaptability supports varied teaching styles and diverse student populations, using our furniture to promote our client's desired message.

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TimelyCare is higher education’s most trusted virtual health and well-being provider, serving 2.3 million students at over 350 campuses nationwide. Founded in 2017, TimelyCare pioneered the first telehealth solution built exclusively for higher education, with a mission to improve the health and well-being of college students by making virtual medical and mental health care accessible anytime, anywhere.

Trane Presenting Sponsor

In today's climate of fiscal constraints and heightened financial scrutiny, the challenges for Community College purchasing departments are more daunting than ever. That's where the Trane-College Buys initiative steps in, providing invaluable savings on HVAC systems and controls that are unmatched across North America. But it doesn't stop there. With Trane's energy contracting services, Colleges can work quickly (and at no up-front cost) with Trane’s team of energy project development experts to discover self-funded projects that ease the strain on their budgets. Whether times are flush or tough, this program offers a lifeline for purchasing departments seeking cost-effective solutions.