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Carrie Everts

Facilities Assistant/Civic Center Coordinator, MiraCosta CCD
Carrie Everts is the Facilities Assistant at MiraCosta Community College District since 2015. Her job responsibilities include being the Civic Center Coordinator. Once Carrie took over the responsibilities of Civic Center, she began to streamline the process, collaborate with key people on campuses and works closely with Purchasing to ensure successful events for the College and the Community. Carrie has 20+ years of event management. She owns her own business along with 27+ years of volunteer work for the community in North County, San Diego. Carrie has been featured in SDVoyager. Carrie graduated with a Master of Educational Studies and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Additionally, she has an Associate’s Degree in Theology from Word Bible College where she learned strong leadership skills. She has a multifaceted background, having worked in higher education administration for 9 years and in the private sector for over a decade.

Chanda Carpenter

Director of Content Research and Development, NIGP
Chanda Carpenter is the Director of Content Research and Development for NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement. Specializing in leading teams in instructional design and development, learning systems design and implementation, multimedia, and graphic design, Chanda has more than 20 years of experience developing online training and communications programs that focus on delivering an engaging experience to the user. Prior to NIGP, Chanda worked in the conservation, finance, and telecommunication industries.