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Teknion is a Furniture co-creator with our clients. Every project is a collaboration. We actually manufacture what we sell, and own our suppliers. This fact allows us to modify, adjust and maintain our products on our terms. We adapt our furniture to the space. This adaptability supports varied teaching styles and diverse student populations, using our furniture to promote our client's desired message.


ThinkEDU is a nationwide academic technology reseller offering the academic community, which includes students, faculty, staff, K-12 Schools and Colleges, deep discounts on thousands of software, computers, tablets and computer accessories. ThinkEDU operates over 1,000 online technology stores for college bookstores and colleges/universities nationwide.


TimelyCare is higher education’s most trusted virtual health and well-being provider, serving 2.3 million students at over 350 campuses nationwide. Founded in 2017, TimelyCare pioneered the first telehealth solution built exclusively for higher education, with a mission to improve the health and well-being of college students by making virtual medical and mental health care accessible anytime, anywhere.


In today's climate of fiscal constraints and heightened financial scrutiny, the challenges for Community College purchasing departments are more daunting than ever. That's where the Trane-College Buys initiative steps in, providing invaluable savings on HVAC systems and controls that are unmatched across North America. But it doesn't stop there. With Trane's energy contracting services, Colleges can work quickly (and at no up-front cost) with Trane’s team of energy project development experts to discover self-funded projects that ease the strain on their budgets. Whether times are flush or tough, this program offers a lifeline for purchasing departments seeking cost-effective solutions.