Inflation Reduction Act: Helping Unlock Sustainable Solutions with Thermal Storage for CA Community Colleges

To enhance energy efficiency and sustainability, California Community Colleges are exploring cutting-edge technologies to improve campus operations and reduce their environmental footprint. The recent focus on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and thermal storage demonstrates the system’s commitment to these goals, offering significant opportunities for financial and environmental benefits.

The IRA, signed in August 2022, provides grants, loans, and tax incentives aimed at promoting clean energy and building decarbonization by expanding investment tax credits, allowing institutions to benefit from increased incentives for renewable energy and energy storage projects. Community colleges are eligible to receive investment tax credits or equivalent direct payments from the IRS for clean energy systems, incentivizing the adoption of renewable energy and thermal storage solutions. Notably, thermal storage systems now qualify for up to 50% investment tax credits, offering substantial financial support for sustainable solutions.

Trane by Trane Technologies, a leader in climate solutions, offers innovative thermal storage systems that enable institutions to leverage IRA incentives while addressing key operational challenges. These systems allow colleges to shift energy consumption, using off-peak power for cooling during the day. This approach helps lower peak energy demand, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve significant cost savings—crucial for educational institutions operating on limited budgets. 

Thermal storage is both a sustainable solution and a smart investment for the future, with the potential for substantial returns. By aligning sustainability with profitability, colleges can optimize their built environments and contribute more than they consume.

Through CollegeBuys, California Community Colleges can partner with industry experts like Trane to access advanced HVAC solutions that help align with their sustainability and financial goals. As demonstrated in past projects, adopting sustainable technologies not only benefits the environment but also helps to yield significant long-term savings, addressing the need for both fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship.

For more information on how Trane can help your districts modernize their facilities and transition to sustainable alternatives, visit their website. To learn more about the FoundationCCC’s agreement with Trane, please contact cbcontracts@foundationccc.org.

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