High-value Networking for Higher Education with Extreme Networks

We’re at a pivotal time in education technology and the college network has become key to it all. Trends like AI-enabled adaptive learning and tech-enabled immersive learning have found their way into higher education programs. The campus is more connected than ever before. Students can even tailor their own experience down to what time and where they access their course material. 

But for it all to work and resonate with value, the campus network needs to be smarter than the technology it provisions. Elements like fabric technology, advanced wireless services, and next-level cloud-managed networking bring control back to the network operator so users across campus can be supported effortlessly. 

This was the situation for Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri, who recently made a network transformation that will support them into the future. Relying on high-performance solutions from Extreme Networks, they developed a network that now provides for the multitude of devices from students and staff, the demands of campus operations, new classroom technology, multiple sports venues, and a distributed campus covering more than 400 acres.

It was the same choice for colleges across the US like San Diego Community College District, Louisiana College, and Utica College in Central New York, who are also differentiating with Extreme Networks. For them, a flexible network supercharged with automation, data analytics, machine learning, and powerful cloud management has taken them to the next level. Theirs is a campus network that automates tasks, provides visibility and control into the network as a whole and enables IT teams to truly orchestrate an optimum environment for quality education that drives outcomes. 

This is the network that brings tomorrow’s students into the future with confidence and ease. It supports today’s educational experience, employee experience, and business processes. And it builds on the successes of yesterday. This is what you need to build a smart network for next-generation education. Get started now with technology that turns the campus network into your college’s differentiator with Extreme Networks.

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