FoundationCCC Annual Innovation & Impact Report; Keetha Mills Voted Most Admired CEO in Sacramento Business Journal

The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FoundationCCC) recently published its annual Innovation & Impact Report for 2021-22, detailing the breadth and depth of programming that the FoundationCCC delivers to California’s community colleges – all designed to support student success. This year, the FoundationCCC also released a video to showcase impactful achievements. The video features real students describing their experiences in receiving critical aid and support from the FoundationCCC’s programs and their resilient pursuit of academic success. 

The CollegeBuys team encourages you to peruse through the programs highlighted in the report and explore how each empowers students to advance in their academic and professional careers as well as how the FoundationCCC supports its institutions and communities to foster environments conducive to learning. 

Key highlights from the report include $807 million in relief dollars distributed to Californians, an additional $9 million administered to students in scholarships and emergency aid, and $133 million in cost savings realized for students, faculty, staff, and colleges statewide through the CollegeBuys program

These achievements are a win for purchasing professionals systemwide. Within each data point, each area of impact, and each student who reaches their goals is the unyielding support of our purchasing colleagues supporting campus operations and infrastructure. Your support in fueling the organization’s mission plays an impactful and symbolic role in the success celebrated in this report. 

Keetha Mills, President and Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for California Community Colleges

We also would like to recognize and celebrate the incredible achievement of the FoundationCCC’s CEO Keetha Mills, on her recent selection as one of Sacramento Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO’s for 2023. CollegeBuys is proud to work under the leadership of such an honored CEO in advancing the mission of supporting and benefiting the California Community Colleges system. Congratulations Keetha!

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