SHI Webinar: Community Colleges of CA Conversation with the Grants Office: Get your Project Funded

Date: January 24, 2023
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Virtual

SHI International Corp. invites you to learn about grants available to help your college achieve its technology goals. With a growing need for infrastructure improvements such as physical and cyber security, STEM, CTE, e-sports, and digital learning, SHI is excited to provide you with an overview of the available grants and information on how to get a comprehensive grant report for your technology initiatives. SHI will provide an overview of federally available entitlement and competitive grants, share philanthropic organizations that commonly fund higher education, and discuss state and local opportunities, all through the lens of technology-friendly funds.

Every college in attendance will have the opportunity to get a customized grant report specific to your institution and project(s) and engage with a grants consultant as you pursue grant opportunities at no cost to you.


  • Dr. Theo Meek
    GEA Grants Program Manager, SHI
    As the GEA Grants Program Manager, Dr. Theo Meek works closely with SHI’s public sector customers to provide information about grant opportunities for government and education initiatives. His background in higher education, at both the institutional and state levels, included leading a student advising center and performing research for policy analysis, where he secured grant funding to achieve program goals. Higher education consulting enabled Theo to work closely with clients, providing technical support to conduct research and implement reforms focused on closing achievement gaps for minoritized student groups and providing guidance for equity-driven spending of HEERF and GEERF funding. Theo completed his Ph.D. in Political Science and M.A. in Educational Leadership at the University of Nevada, Reno where he studied the causal effects of corequisite support in higher education remedial education reform.

  • Linda Heiss
    Director of Funding and Community Strategy, SHI
    Leadership experiences in education and government culminated in Linda Heiss’ role as the Director of Funding and Community Strategy for SHI where she leads a team dedicated to helping public sector customers achieve their goals utilizing grant and other funding resources. Linda’s passion to enable youth to succeed at their goals and an understanding of the value of education in doing so was realized in her career as Director of Institutional Research for a state’s university and community college system where she conducted research and analysis to support education policy, strategic planning, project coordination, performance metrics, formula and performance funding, and statewide reporting on behalf of higher education, K-12, and workforce leadership as well as executive and legislative government. Grant funding enabled Linda to achieve a statewide initiative aligning secondary, postsecondary, and workforce data through which she was able to perform critical research into college and workforce preparation and success as well as to help K-12 and higher education agencies and students understand the needs of the workforce. Her role as the Grants and Performance Management Administrator at a local government helped to gain a true understanding of grant funding as a means for the government to achieve strategic priorities.