Instructure Webinar: Canvas Impact Demonstration

Date: August 24, 2023
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: Virtual

Technology enhances the teaching and learning experience and makes online and blended learning possible, but it’s not always easy to adopt new technology into existing pedagogy. Our goal at Instructure is to provide educators with the most intuitive and effective tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience in a simple, customizable way and Instructure products have set the standard for what easy-to-use education technology looks like. The addition of the digital transformation tool, Impact by Instructure, further solidifies the Instructure Learning Platform as the next-generation ed-tech provider.

In collaboration with CollegeBuys, please join us for a 1-hour webinar to learn more about Canvas Impact and view a live demonstration of how to navigate the platform and utilize its functionality to the fullest. By the end of this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

Measure Technology Impact & Drive Action with In-App Messaging & Campaigns
Use the insights derived from the usage dashboards to deliver targeted messages for specific user groups. Impact’s ‘Campaign’ functionality allows you to deliver a series of prompts based on user behavior to promote adoption. With Impact In-App Messaging and Campaigns you’ll be able to communicate with your students and staff like never before – nobody falls through the cracks.

Support Your Users & Alleviate Your Help Desk
Impact Support fosters a culture of self-help. Embedded guides and support channels empower students and faculty to focus more on teaching and learning and less on traversing new technologies. Provide out-of-the-box self-help content and live support channels based on who your users are, what they’re doing, and where they might need support.


Justice Anderson

Justice is an Educational Technology Evangelist with over 20 + years in or around higher education. Set on giving back and serving underrepresented students and communities, Justice started his career as an Associate Professor at his alma mater DeVry University in Orlando, Florida, the same day he earned his MBA from Webster University. Throughout his career Justice has held many positions from adjunct faculty to executive committee member with stints as Instructional Designer, Academic Chair of Technology programs, (Computer Information Systems & Networking), Director of Design and Technology, (Web Development, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics and Graphic Design), Director of Career Services and the last stop was Director of Student Affairs and Housing.

Justice is excited that his role at Instructure allows him to create solutions to help employers, colleges, and universities address labor market shortages by creating opportunities for up-skilling and reskilling people in line with new demands and expanding equity through digital badging.

Jason Rock

Jason holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. He’s been at Instructure for nearly ten years and has worked closely with the OEI/Instructure partnership since its inception.