Edamerica Webinar: Executing Effective Re-enrollment Strategies: Bring Back The Stop-outs – Cost Effectively

Date: February 9, 2023
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Virtual

In partnership with CollegeBuys, Edamerica invites you to join a 1-hour webinar to discuss high-impact, budget-friendly re-enrollment support services that will help colleges scale to effectively re-engage and re-enroll stop-outs. Each semester community colleges lose almost half of those enrolled the previous year to life situations resulting in millions of students with some college and no degrees – more than 39 million according to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse. While community colleges cannot stop those life circumstances from happening to their students, they can create successful re-enrollment strategies.

The most successful re-enrollment strategies focus on utilizing omnichannel digital marketing, putting key messages in the students’ hands via digital and social platforms they use daily, combined with data and high-touch targeted outreach. Many colleges, however, simply do not have the bandwidth with current staff to provide the high-touch outreach which is key to re-enrollment of students.

Services provided by Edamerica include:

  • Targeted digital advertising
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Enrollment support/FAQ review
  • Student response collection
  • Detailed reporting
  • ROI tracking


  • Judith Witherspoon
    Sr. VP – National Director of Sales & Marketing
    Judith Witherspoon, Senior Vice President National Director of Sales and Marketing, holds an M.S. Degree in College Student Personnel. During her 30-year career in higher education, she has worked in areas of career services, financial aid, and college outreach. She has also held various leadership positions at Edamerica and its related parent company Edfinancial Services. Ms. Witherspoon has developed outreach programs to promote higher education access for underserved populations, including a mobile outreach program for students in both rural and urban areas of Tennessee. She was instrumental in the development of eCampusTours.com, a website that provides access to over 1,300 virtual tours for colleges and universities throughout the country. Most recently, her work with Edamerica has focused on helping colleges improve the student customer experience and streamline the onboarding process. Prior to joining the company in 1993, Ms. Witherspoon served as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Rhodes College in Memphis.

  • Dr. Kathi Swanson
    President, CLARUS Corporation
    Dr. Kathi Swanson understands how community colleges operate and shares that knowledge nationally with humor and insight. As president of CLARUS Corporation, Kathi continues to be on the cutting edge of new technologies used in marketing. Kathi has been working with community colleges for over 30 years – helping them stay current with advertising tactics and assisting in understanding their markets. Her work with more than one-third of the community colleges in the country provides insight into best practices in marketing for community colleges. With a Doctorate in Marketing from Texas A&M University, Kathi brings fine-tuned information-gathering skills as well as a wealth of information regarding best practices for community colleges across the country.