Embracing the Future: A Recap of Chancellor Christian’s Vision 2030 Unveiling

CollegeBuys proudly participated in the unveiling of Dr. Sonya Christian’s Vision 2030 on August 29 at the California Museum in Sacramento, CA. This event marked the beginning of a new chapter for the state’s higher education system, bringing together educators, state leaders, community college representatives, and corporate partners to celebrate Dr. Christian’s visionary framework. Vision 2030 serves as a comprehensive roadmap for California Community Colleges, prioritizing data-driven, student-centered strategies that aim to extend the reach of higher education into our communities while fostering equitable access, support, and success.

The event featured distinguished speakers (as listed below) who graced the stage, emphasizing how Vision 2030 seamlessly builds upon the foundational goals and core commitments laid out in the 2017 Vision for Success. Moreover, Vision 2030 incorporates critical data-informed updates that are tailored to address the diverse needs of today’s students, underscoring the plan’s adaptability and continued relevance.

Speakers included:

  • Sonya Christian, Chancellor, California Community Colleges 
  • Keetha MillsPresident and CEO, Foundation for California Community Colleges
  • Daisy Gonzales, Deputy Chancellor, California Community Colleges 
  • Amy Costa, President, Board of Governors
  • Andra Hoffman, Trustee, Los Angeles Community College District and Co-Chair, California Community Colleges Women’s Caucus
  • Chanelle Win, Vice President, Legislative Affairs, Student Senate for California Community Colleges
  • Hildegarde Aguinaldo, Vice President, Board of Governors 
  • Rowena Tomaneng, President, San Jose City College, President, APAHE, and Co-Chair, California Community Colleges Women’s Caucus
  • Cheryl Aschenbach, President, Academic Senate 
  • Manuel Payan, California Community Colleges Consultation Council Member and Community College Committee Representative, California School Employees Association
  • Julianna Barnes, Chancellor, South Orange County Community College District
  • Francisco Rodriguez, Chancellor, Los Angeles Community College District
  • Pamela Haynes, Member, Board of Governors

The evening provided a valuable platform for networking, bringing together individuals who share a common goal of advancing and championing equitable access and support for students within the California community college system. FoundationCCC hosted the event in collaboration with Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education, Community College League of California, California Community Colleges Women’s Caucus, Michelson Philanthropies, Kern Community College District, College Futures Foundation, and Network of California Community Colleges. Among the attendees were CollegeBuys partners, including Adobe, CDW-G, Civitas, ConexED, NameCoach, TimelyMD, Trane, and Corporate Roundtable member, the Virtual Care Group.

The strategic direction set forth in Vision 2030 is positioned to expand opportunities for students, enhance community engagement, and amplify the overall influence of the California Community Colleges system. CollegeBuys is excited to contribute to the strategic efforts of Vision 2030 and remains dedicated to reinvesting in the system through carefully secured contracts, bridging the digital divide through our technology agreements as well as our STAC/STARTE and retail programs, and prioritizing sustainability and climate-focused initiatives.

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