Dr. Chelsy Pham of Hartnell College Joins Civitas Learning’s “Next Practices” Podcast

CollegeBuys’ Student Success and Retention Solutions partner, Civitas Learning,  has recently launched the “Next Practices” podcast to hear from higher education leaders on how to solve today’s most pressing challenges with creative, data-informed student success approaches.

In the latest “Next Practices” podcast episode, Dr. Chelsy Pham, Vice President of Information Technology Resources at Hartnell College, shares strategies to maximize colleges’ student success IT investment. Dr. Pham details a step-by-step process for selecting the right student success software for a higher education institution and discusses why colleges and universities need data to provide equitable student success at scale. Her best piece of advice? Make sure the frontline people are involved! Buy-in from advisors and student success coaches is key. The entire podcast is available on the Civitas Learning website, as well as the transcript of the conversation between “Next Practices” host Katy Oliveira and Dr. Pham. 

There are more “Next Practices” podcasts on the Civitas Learning blog site to enjoy, with new podcasts addedly frequently, including an amazing conversation with Karl Smith of Tacoma Community College regarding Access & Equity in Student Success.

More information on Civitas Learning products and services offered through their CollegeBuys contract is available on their profile

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