About CollegeBuys

CollegeBuys, a program of the Foundation for California Community Colleges, is the only systemwide procurement program focused exclusively on the needs of community colleges. We drive down prices on educational resources throughout the system by offering discounts of up to 85 percent on a wide range of educational products—from industry-leading software and technology to high quality office and classroom furniture.

Systemwide Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

CollegeBuys is the official purchasing and contracting hub for the California Community Colleges, leveraging the system’s collective buying power to secure best-value pricing on a comprehensive portfolio of goods and services tailored to educational needs. From cutting-edge software and technology to high-quality furniture and classroom supplies, our diverse portfolio empowers institutions to achieve significant cost savings, ensure compliant contracting processes, and optimize resource utilization.

Our collaborative purchasing programs are supported by statutory authority, which enables our program to act as a reliable and efficient advocate for participating agencies. Our legal framework is based on California Education Code 72670.5, Public Contract Code 20661, and Code of Regulations 59130-59132. This legal foundation empowers educational institutions and public agencies to leverage our strategic sourcing contracts through cooperative utilization, eliminating individual bidding requirements and streamlining procurement pathways for improved compliance and operational efficiency.

E-Store for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Get Adobe Creative Cloud for $49.99 a semester or $99.98 a year.

CollegeBuys utilizes the buying power of 2.1 million students and 64,000 faculty and staff, to drive down prices on software purchases. We are committed to helping students complete their education by securing the best possible educational discounts available on office software, content creation tools, technology accessories, and more.

For Students, Staff and Faculty

Students and faculty are eligible for discounts on products that will help them complete their education.

California Community Colleges Corporate Roundtable

CollegeBuys manages the California Community Colleges Corporate Roundtable, a group of business leaders whose support helps to advance the goals of the California Community Colleges. Becoming a member of the Corporate Roundtable provides an opportunity for businesses to be involved with our Community Colleges in meaningful ways and to make a significant contribution to our students and
our state.

Join the Corporate Roundtable

Thank you for your interest in the Corporate Roundtable. To find out more about this program, levels of membership, and how it might benefit your business or organization, please contact Kevin Wutke at kwutke@foundationccc.org,

About the

Our team of experts have decades of experience supporting the purchasing processes in higher education. Whether you have questions about our piggybackable contracts, our vendor partnerships, or want to find a purchasing solution for your campus, our dedicated team of professionals knows the right contracts to meet your college or district’s needs.